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Happiness in Shingfung- Memory of company's annual party for 2011


Our Mould Department,Nanho Jianyi Mould Limited celebrated the annual party for 2011 in January 2012. There wemore>

Smile from here- memory of Autumn Trip 2011


Our Mould Department,Shenzhen Nanho Jianyi Mould Limited organized an autumn trip in October,2011.more>

Congratulations to Our Company on Registering Trademark Successfully


Due to the stable development of our company year by year, in order to standardize management and futher buildmore>

New Year Party of 2011


We held a big party to celebrate the Lunar New Year’s Day coming on 24th January 2011. varieties of performanmore>

Autumn Camp


To making staff’s Spare time more rich,improve their coorparation spirit and team spirit,the Administration omore>

Mold Department set up the Labour Union


Mould Department_Shenzhen Jianyi Plastic Limited, set up the Labour Union in March 5th, 2008, and held the fmore>


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